As a leading supplier of autonomous solutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries, we are beginning to change how we look at transport. Our vision is to provide mobility to more people using autonomous technology. Holo guides the planning, initiation and operation of the service.



RISE Mobility and Systems has the role as project coordinator and leads work packages for user evaluation, business model and roadmap.



Chalmers vision is to actively contribute to a sustainable future. All research, training and use in engineering, science, architecture and shipping are conducted in close contact with the outside world. Chalmers is the leader in the open package of work packages and, together with Chalmers properties, has a central role in supporting the practical implementation of pilot services.


Chalmers Fastigheter

By creating campus and world-class environments, Chalmers Fastigheter help Chalmers to get the best conditions for achieving its goal – being an internationally leading technical university. Chalmers Fastigheter is central to supporting the practical implementation of pilot services.


Göteborgs Stads Parkering AB

Göteborgs Stads Parkering actively contributes to the evolution of the city and of people’s needs by creating smart, sustainable parking solutions as well as offering other innovative urban mobility services. With the goal of making Gothenburg accessible to all residents and visitors, we offer solutions through the Gothenburg Parking brand, which makes it simple to travel, and easy to find and pay for your parking.


Älvstranden Utveckling AB

Älvstranden Utveckling is Gothenburg’s City Development Company with the task of realizing Vision Älvstaden. Together with the city’s planning administrations and business community, we create an inclusive, green and dynamic inner city around the river. Contributes with knowledge, skills and the perspective of a central actor in Lindholmsområdet.


Karlastaden Utveckling AB

Contributes with knowledge, skills and the perspective of a central actor in Lindholmsområdet.



Sunfleet is Sweden’s largest car pool, and is located in over 172 locations around Gothenburg. Sunfleet is leading the effort to add shared mobile options in connection with the pilot tests.



Ericsson is one of the leading providers of information and communication technology (ICT) to various actors. Ericsson is leading the effort to connect the service to Drive Sweden’s Innovation Cloud.


Göteborgs Stad, Trafikkontoret

The mission of the traffic office is to offer our customers a sustainable mobility and a city where they want to work, stay and meet. We are doing it in dialogue and cooperation for a good delivery of a green and near big city. The traffic office contributes in the project with detailed knowledge and support for preparation, while being one of several parties representing the municipality’s perspective and interests.


Förvaltnings AB Framtiden

Förvaltnings AB Framtiden is a real estate group that is part of the City of Gothenburg, which includes housing, property management, new housing and interruption services. 



Västtrafik is responsible for all public transport within the Västra Götaland region and is Sweden’s second largest public transport company. Västtrafik contributes knowledge, skills and the perspective of public transport.


Göteborgs Stad, Stadsbyggnadskontoret

Contributes with knowledge, skills and the perspective of central actor when it comes to city planning.


Härryda kommun

Härryda municipality participates in and follows the development of the project.


Johanneberg Science Park

Johanneberg Science Park participates in and follows the development of the project.